Deborah Rojas Castro

Deborah Rojas Castro

Expertise : mental well-being

French, Dutch, English

Who am I?

Naturally creative, I am driven by a passion for people’s wellbeing. I put every effort into my work and always seek to optimise health and psychological wellbeing in a workplace setting.  

Sociable, autonomous, energetic and a perfectionist, I enjoy working with everyone across the organisation. My hobbies? Dance, travel and investing.

Perseverance is what make the impossible possible, the possible probable and the probable a fact." Léon Trotsky


I have worked on guiding the development of a policy on the management of violence; on 45+ employment plans (SUEZ, Pierre Fabre) and on training courses dealing with psychosocial risks (stress, conflicts, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, teleworking, etc.) in a range of different sectors.


I have conducted psychosocial risk analyses using the SONAR method in the pharmaceuticals sector, the external health and safety in the workplace department and in the construction sector.

I have also been on-call to respond to stress and transgressive behaviour issues in the workplace and provided team guidance for conflict management.


Prevention adviser for psychosocial aspects – Mensura
Sincce 2019

Prevention adviser for psychosocial aspects – Securex
2018 – 2019


After completing my Bachelor’s degree in “Work and organisational psychology and growth psychology” and gaining a Master’s in “Work and organisational psychology”, I began my career with an external service provider as prevention adviser for psychosocial aspects and immediately embarked on a postgraduate degree in risk management and wellbeing at work.


I present courses on “Alcohol and drugs”, “Increasing resilience” and “First aid for mental health”.

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