Elita Schildermans

Elita Schildermans

Expertise : mental well-being

English, Dutch

Who am I?

I start off by thinking in terms of personalisation and possibilities. I am an employment and organisation psychologist, as well as a clinical psychologist – which is the ideal combination for achieving welfare in the workplace from both a curative and preventative point of view.

While I was studying to be an employment and organisation psychologist, I focused in particular on the training and coaching of both managers and employees. After that, I examined the therapeutic aspect more while I was training to be a clinical and health psychologist.

You can expect clear communication and a planned approach from me. That’s essential for someone with as many hobbies as I have: cycling, bootcamp, dancing, jogging, adventure travel, reading and healthy eating.

The quality of your work depends on the extent to which your actions correspond with your values."


As a coordinating prevention adviser on psychosocial aspects, I have a broad view of many projects: risk analyses, (team) mediation, individual coaching, training on psychosocial themes such as resilience, change and working from home for both employees and managers.

A few practical examples:

  • General psychosocial risk analysis for manufacturing companies of different sizes
  • Delection and training of confidential counsellors for a manufacturing company
  • Advising a cosmetics retail group on its policy to deal with absenteeism and training on conducting absenteeism interviews for branch managers
  • Providing advice to a university regarding its psychosocial policy     
  • Guiding a company in the coating industry about the emotional impact caused by reorganisation
  • Offering psychosocial support to the care providers in a group of residential care centres during COVID-19
  • Psychosocial analysis and team mediation in an education group


After my studies, I took a job in 2016 as prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects, with Attentia. In 2020, I moved to Mensura. Why did I choose this particular job? It resulted from the experience I gained as part of my studies with a training, coaching and consultancy bureau, as well as in a psychiatric hospital. For me, the role of prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects, provides the perfect middle ground: making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of employees and the companies they work for, in a preventative way.


Specialisation in psychosocial aspects
2018 – 2019

Master’s in clinical and health psychology
2014 – 2016

Master’s in employment and organisation psychology 
2012 – 2016


Welcome to Mensura Learn&Connect for the basic training course on confidential counselling, the course on resilience and the online learning programme about working from home. Take a look.

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