Ergonomics of computer work

Learn how to set up your workspace ergonomically and adopt the right posture.

Ergonomics of computer work
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Working at a computer can cause muscle strain and lead to chronic pain. This course teachers you the basic principles of ergonomics. An expert shows you how to properly set up your workstation and the best sitting posture.


Working at a computer can cause back, neck, shoulder and wrist pain, as well as eyestrain. The right sitting posture, an ergonomic workspace and targeted, preventive exercises reduce the risks of these issues or even prevent them altogether. Learn all about it in this course.

What do you learn?

In this practical and interactive course, you learn more about ergonomics in the workplace and receive practical tips for preventing physical problems from arising and dealing with developing back and muscle pain.

Apart from theory, the expert also shows you how to set up your workstation in combination with the best positioning of your monitor, keyboard, mouse, laptop, etc.

There is a maximum of 15 participants in order to learn as much as possible.

The course is classroom-based, but an online video session via MS Teams is also possible.


  • Good basic sitting and working posture
  • Practical tips to prevent neck and shoulder pain and eyestrain
  • Smart ways to cope with developing back and muscle pain
  • Step-by-step plan for setting up your workstation (table/desk, chair) and adjusting your monitor, keyboard, mouse, laptop, etc.
  • Preventive exercises when working at a computer for a stronger back
  • Practical application

You will be given an activity book with a step-by-step plan for  adapting your workstation, exercises, theory and room for notes.

Practical advice at your workstation

Want to get advice from an expert specifically for your workstation? Our course ‘Ergonomics of computer work – with practical advice’ is the perfect solution. Advice can be provided to both groups and individuals. 

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This course is part of our Interact-offering


Talk to an expert, share your experiences, and learn from each other. Learning is a social experience. You learn to apply basic knowledge in practice, both online and in the classroom.

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At the end of this workshop:

  • You will know what causes lower back pain, neck pain and other physical ailments.
  • You will understand the importance of good body awareness and the right balance between workload and work capacity.
  • You will know the ergonomic basic postures and principles when working at a computer and be able to adapt them to both your work and home situation.
  • You will know preventive exercises for a stronger back and when experiencing developing back and muscle pain.
  • You will know the preventive ergonomic (workstation) adjustments.
  • You will be able to apply and practice preventive measures.
  • You will understand the step-by-step plan in the activity book and be able to do the exercises described.
Ergonomic working keynote

If you are looking for a short but inspiring session to raise awareness among colleagues about ergonomic working, this keynote is the perfect solution.

It can be held as a lunch & learn session or brief presentation at a staff event, online or in person.

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For whom?

VDU workers.

What is stipulated by law?

New employees must receiving training in how to properly set up their workstation. The Codex on computer work also states that all employees must be informed about the risks and measures taken.

Training courses on how employees can properly set up or adjust their workstation are worthwhile for both new and experienced employees. Proper use of a desk chair, table and monitor requires repetition and permanent awareness to bring about lasting behavioural change. More info >

Since early 2016, the mandatory periodic health surveillance for VDU employees has been abolished. Instead, it is now sufficient to conduct a risk analysis for VDU employees every five years. You can have your employees conduct this analysis using our online tool: the e-Coach for screen-related work.


The price depends on how you participate in the training course. If your organisation is affiliated with Mensura External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (EDPPW), then you will receive a discount. If you have prevention units and your balance is sufficient, you can pay with these.

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      • non-members: Mensura CONSULT - DV.O101943
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