Remote leadership

The online “Remote Leadership” training teaches you how you can continue to support and motivate a team working from home.

Remote leadership
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This online learning programme helps team leaders gain the necessary knowledge and skills for successful remote management. The focus is on maintaining productivity and the well-being of both the manager and the team members.


Because many of us have started working from home, which means remote collaboration and leadership is the new reality.

  • What is the best method for motivating a team from a distance over the digital realm?
  • How do you keep abreast of what is going on with your employees?
  • And above all: how can you keep an eye on the mental well-being and resilience of the team members?

Finger on the pulse 
The Remote Leadership Profile offers you and your employer insight into the specific needs and challenges of hybrid working leadership. The teachers tailor the in-depth sessions to this anonymised info. 

You can get started right away thanks to the concrete tips from the interactive training and a practical, supportive programme.

A live session lasts no more than one hour, and everything is done online. This means you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. You are given 1 year to access the learning platform and make use of all the training content.

What do you learn?

The online “Remote leadership” learning programme has a modular structure and provides tools that can be used to stay in touch with your team and support and motivate them from a distance.

It is a supportive programme aimed at achieving behavioural change.

The online learning programme, which consists of six steps, looks like this:


Intake with the Remote Leadership Profile

Log in to the Mensura Learn&Connect learning platform where we use an online questionnaire to assess your needs and pain points in remote leadership.

As an employer, you will gain insight into the pain points within your organisation via an anonymised report. The teachers will then tailor the in-depth live session to these results.


Preparation for the live session

You will be required to read the Deci & Ryan self-determination theory article.


Online session with the working from home expert

DuBring an inspirational 1-hour Microsoft Teams live session, our experts will give you tips about how to communicate virtually and motivate and coach employees remotely.


The leadership test

1 week later, we use the leadership test to see how well you have learned the learning material.


In practise

1 month after the live session, you will receive 3 cases to apply the learning material to.


Extra tips & tricks

3 months after the live session, we will provide you with a full list of concrete tips.

Practical information

  • You will follow the online modules on the Mensura Learn&Connect learning platform; and you can do this wherever you want and on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). If you do not yet have an account, you will receive instructions for this via e-mail.
  • This platform gives you access to Microsoft Teams so you can follow the live sessions.
  • We will make sure you have all the latest information during the programme by sending you e-mails.
  • Maximum number of participants: 50.
Practical coaching

Have you been looking for personal coaching? You have come to the right place. We offer individual coaching and group coaching in which we discuss a number of specific practical cases in groups of up to 8 managers. Are you interested? Please let us know. We will then work with you to decide which formula is most suitable for you.

This course is part of our Interact-offer


Talk to an expert, share your experiences, and learn from each other. Learning is a social experience. You learn to apply basic knowledge in practice, both online and in the classroom.  

All about Interact >


After following this learning programme:

  • You will know the important requirements for maintaining or increasing the motivation of a remote team;

  • You will know how to coach your team from a distance, and therefore protect or boost their mental well-being.

For whom?

Management and business managers.

Are you looking for support for your VDU workers engaged in hybrid work?

Then our training course 'Healthy and productive working from home' may be the answer.

What does the law say?

Organisations that had already drafted a working from home policy before 1 January 2021 do not need to take any action. All other organisations for which working from home is possible are now obliged to develop and implement a working from home policy.
The aim of the working from home policy is to both monitor productivity and guarantee the well-being of employees. For example, agreements must be made about:

  • The equipment required for teleworking
  • Working hours and schedules
  • Duties and performance standards
  • Details about where employees can go in case of problems

More information can be found in CLA 85 and in the Workable and Flexible Work Act.


The prices depends on how you follow the training
1 year access to the training and all content is included in the price.

If your organisation is affiliated with Mensura External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (ESPPW) and you have prevention units, you can pay with these as long as your balance is sufficient.

Subsidies and financing options

We qualify for all kinds of subsidies and financing options because we are certified by many government agencies and sector funds.

    • SME Portfolio (in Flanders). Use these certification numbers in your request: 
      • members of Mensura External Department for Prevention for Prevention and Protection: Mensura EDPB - DV.O105072 
      • non-members: Mensura CONSULT - DV.O101943 
    • Training vouchers
    • Workability vouchers
    • Sector funds
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