Time management

During the time management workshop, we will find out together where exactly things go wrong and how they can be improved.

Time management
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Do you have the impression that your employees could manage their time better while at work? Are they constantly interrupted by urgent tasks that take away most of their time and increase stress levels? This workshop on time management will help you find out where things are going wrong and how to turn the situation around.


Poor time management is a major cause of stress, putting the well-being of workers at risk. It can be difficult to identify the exact elements that lead to poor time management. However, by exchanging experiences and implementing the right tools and methods, rapid progress can be made.

What do you learn?

In this workshop, we carefully examine how participants spend their time and offer practical solutions to manage their time more efficiently.

  • To ensure optimal interaction between participants, we work in groups of maximum 10 participants each.
  • During the workshop on time management:
    • Each participant examines how they manage their own time and/or how others in the team manage their time;
    • Participants find ways to manage their time more efficiently, and this through an exchange of experiences, group interaction and concrete exercises. They learn how to deal with unexpected requests, how to clearly communicate their expectations, and how to eliminate things that are simply wasting their time;
    • To increase the chances of achieving great time management skills, all findings will be translated into a personal action plan.

A custom approach!

  • Prior to the workshop, you will meet with the instructor/project leader to uncover the specific concerns among your employees, within your team and within your organisation.
  • This way, the examples used throughout the workshop sessions will be relevant to the participants.
  • After the workshop is completed, a meeting will be held to embed and monitor individual action plans and any agreements that have been made within the team or organisation.

This course is part of our Interact-offer


Talk to an expert, share your experiences and learn from each other. Learning is a social event. You learn to apply basic knowledge in practice, both online and in the classroom.

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  • Participants are aware of their own actions and of the elements that affect the way in which they manage their time.
  • The workshop inspires participants to make changes to their current habits and to immediately implement the acquired knowledge and skills to their day-to-day work situation to enhance the quality of their work output. 
  • Participants will be able to fine-tune their personal action plan afterwards based on their real-life experience.

For whom?

This training course is open to all employees.


The prices depends on how you follow the training
Digital training material is included in the price.

If your organisation is affiliated with Mensura External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (ESPPW) and you have prevention units, you can pay with these as long as your balance is sufficient. 

Subsidies and financing options

We qualify for all kinds of subsidies and financing options because we are certified by many government agencies and sector funds.

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        • members of Mensura External Department for Prevention for Prevention and Protection: Mensura EDPB - DV.O105072 
        • non-members: Mensura CONSULT - DV.O101943
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