Heidi Abraham

Heidi Abraham

Specialist in mental well-being

Dutch, English

Who am I?

The key to life is the right balance. That’s why wellbeing is a story of ‘can-do’. That’s something I have learned from more than 15 years of experience as a prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects.

I also apply this can-do attitude in my hobbies. I dance and do Pilates – plus I like going out to eat and I love world cuisine.

Logic will get you from A to B; imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein


Does your company or organisation want a sustainable psychosocial policy or an efficient approach to stress? Looking for the appropriate approach to take to the issue of alcohol and drugs? Or do you need a clear-cut guide for dealing with disrespectful behaviour and conflicts? For any of these issues, I’m there to support you.

You can also come to me for advice and guidance in the event of traumatic events in companies and for developing a positive policy on absenteeism. 

You can be sure that every piece of guidance given about care-related and expert advice is in line with the law. I bring sensible and pragmatic solutions tailored to your organisation.

Open and discreet

I communicate openly, but always discreetly and with respect for professional secrecy and privacy. As a listener, I try to see the whole picture. I like to put the pieces of the puzzle together, analyse and put the correct emphasis on things, as well as set priorities and establish connections.

I take a neutral and diplomatic approach in conflict situations. I give advice and then aim to take action and find solutions. And where applicable, I dare to look at things from a different point of view.


Psychosocial prevention adviser – Mensura
2003 – present


With a Master’s in employment and organisation psychology and as a Level 1 prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects, I have expanded my professional knowledge over the years by attending training courses on addiction, undesirable conduct, stress coaching, conflict mediation and policy on absenteeism. I am also a Return to Work specialist.


Looking for pay proper attention to people’s wellbeing, sustainable collaboration and mutual respect as part of the vision and mission of your organisation? In my courses on ‘Increasing Resilience’ and ‘Confidential Counselling’, I share details about best practices and other useful information, as well as workable recommendations. It’s the kind of support you’ll need more than ever going forward.

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