Jolien Joriskes

Jolien Joriskes

Expertise : mental well-being / vitality


Who am I?

I’m passionate about projects to promote health and enjoy being involved in improving people’s physical and mental wellbeing. I’m also happy to come up with a vitality policy for your organisation, as well as establish activities or programmes that promote health on the workfloor.

I keep my own physical and mental condition up to the mark with fitness training, rope-skipping, jogging and travelling.

Health is our true wealth."


With a master’s degree in health information and promotion, plus a bachelor’s in ergotherapy, I have a broad view of health.

I support companies with:

  • Drawing up health policy and vitality policy, while setting up programmes/activities on the workfloor
  • Vitality training courses: healthy lifestyle, exercise and sedentary behaviour, diet, sleep, etc.
  • Courses dealing with alcohol and drugs (employees and line management)
  • Courses on healthy and productive homeworking (focus on vitality and psychosocial)
  • Conducting staff questionnaires on vitality and risk analysis psychosocial aspects
  • Training for prevention adviser level 3: psychosocial and vitality


Specialist in vitality and adviser on health promotion
​Prevention specialist psychosocial aspects

Since 2017

Quality research into sleep patterns in adolescents – Óscar Romero College
2016 - 2017 

Placements as an ergotherapist with BlueAssist, Maas & Kempen Hospital, and Catharina Hasselt Primary School
2014 – 2015


Training on insights discovery model

Multidisciplinary basic training for prevention adviser
2018 – 2019

Master’s degree in health information and promotion
2016 – 2017

Bridging programme on health information and promotion
2015 – 2016 

Professional bachelor’s degree in ergotherapy
2012 - 2015 


I’m happy to share my broad views on health at Mensura Learn&Connect. Enrol for my courses on ‘Healthy and vital homeworking’, ‘Healthy lifestyle’ and ’Prevention adviser level 3 (psychosocial and vitality)’.

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