Laura Claret

Laura Claret

Expertise : mental well-being

English, French

Who am I?

I help guide organisations in their policy for preventing psychosocial risks, as well as presenting courses on various topics relating to wellbeing. I also conduct psychosocial risk analyses, provide team guidance and offer individual and collective post-trauma support, etc.

I reset my equilibrium through travel and immersing myself in reading.

It all begins with communication."


Focusing on results and dynamics, I help companies in a range of different projects, such as: psychosocial risk analysis, implementing wellbeing policies, training and awareness for workers and their line management, training and supervision of confidential counsellors, training level 3 prevention advisers, conciliation, providing support in the context of traumatic events, on-call to help with stress, etc.


Having worked with companies of all sizes and in a range of sectors on various projects, I have gained extensive expertise that enables me to guide and support both organisations and workers to resolve problematic situations or simply to help optimise wellbeing. This experience enables me to tackle practical issues in a training environment in a manner that speaks to the greatest number of people and provides the best way for the content of my courses to be incorporated into real-life situations.


Psychosocial prevention adviser – Mensura
Since 2017

Safety analyst for human and organisational factors – Bel V
2016 –2017

Psychosocial prevention adviser – Securex
2015 – 2016


After gaining my Master’s in psychological and clinical science and psychopathology with distinction, I followed this up with another Master’s in psychological science, psychology of employment, the economy and organisations, this time awarded with high distinction. I then embarked on a third joint-Master’s in risk management and wellbeing at work.


I present courses on “Respect in the workplace”, “Increasing resilience” and “Teleworking”.

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