Rein Mondt

Rein Mondt

Expertise : mental well-being

Dutch, English

Who am I?

Everything I do revolves around policy on psychosocial wellbeing. Because once a good policy is in place, it creates a win-win for both organisation and employee.

I specialise in reintegration into the workforce after dropping out due to chronic stress and burnout. And I also present courses on being a confidential counsellor.

I spend my spare time travelling and sailing. And, if I’m lucky, I can combine both hobbies at the same time.

Don’t think in problems. Focus on the forces and levers in your life." Rein Mondt


At Mensura, I am responsible for being on-call for a whole range of work-related psychosocial issues. In addition, I provide guidance for workers in relation to stress and burnout and help them to be reintegrated into the workplace. I also take care of employees, in groups or individually, when traumatic events have occurred. 

I carry out psychosocial risk analyses using a range of different methods. I also present courses on topics such as resilience, confidential counselling, respect in the workplace, dealing with emotional stress and dealing with alcohol and drugs.

As an external prevention specialist, I handle the psychosocial aspects for very different organisations in the profit sector, as well as for local authorities, school groups, non-profit organisations and government bodies.


Prevention specialist psychosocial aspects – Mensura  
Since 2015 

Therapist/psychologist – CAW Brussels  
2010 – 2015

Supervisor/psychologist – Beschut Wonen “Thuis” – sheltered housing 
2005 – 2010

Co-trainer assertiveness training  
2009 – 2010

Researcher Healthcare Team – De Witte & Morel  
2005 – 2006



Prevention adviser psychosocial aspects

Therapist interactional design

Degree in clinical psychology  

I have also completed additional courses about dealing with suicide, multicultural assistance, assistance in the context of domestic violence, ‘Big Mind, Big Heart’, mindfulness and motivational interviewing.  


Use my experience with a whole range of psychosocial situations and circumstances. Enrol for the courses at Mensura Learn&Connect on ‘Confidential Counsellor’, ‘Respect in the workplace’ and ‘Resilience’.

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