Training course: Alcohol and drugs in the workplace


  • Raise awareness among workers about the adverse effects of alcohol and drugs in the workplace
  • Promote greater awareness among direct supervisors about the associated risks and provide them with the tools and resources to intervene in a timely manner when there are signs of potential alcohol or drug abuse problems


  • The training course on alcohol and drugs in the workplace provides a basic framework for gaining insight into the hazards associated with the use of alcohol and drugs
  • Direct supervisors are also taught how to deal with workers who display problematic behaviour due to alcohol or drug abuse

How does it work?

  • This interactive training course covers the following issues:
    • Definition: When does the use of alcohol or drugs become problematic? What are the causes, symptoms and effects?
    • During the course, participants take a closer look at the organisation’s internal policy on alcohol and drugs. The session may include practical exercises for managers and supervisors on how to discuss alcohol or drug abuse with affected employees.
  • Duration: ½ day
  • Course type:
    • In-company training for groups of minimum 5 and maximum 18 people.
    • Open training for groups of 8 to 18 participants.


  • Participants are able to recognise signs of potential alcohol or drug abuse much sooner
  • Participants learn how to support affected employees in a structured manner


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