Avoid corona infections: detect high-risk contacts in the workplace

Companies need to have all the risks properly mapped out for the fight against the coronavirus. Companies that are reopening or receiving more employees at the workplace would do well to carry out a specific Covid-19 risk analysis or at least to identify possible high-risk contacts.

From reopening guide to Covid-19 risk analysis

In order to enable people to work safely during the current coronavirus pandemic, Mensura designed a specific Covid-19 risk analysis. This comprehensive risk analysis identifies all possible risks of infection. For example, our experts will support your internal prevention advisor in setting up a safe working environment.

In doing so, we follow a concrete step-by-step plan:

  • We’ll see if you’ve already started using our start-up guides and e-learning courses.
  • If you do not have sufficient information or if you still have questions regarding the implementation of the necessary prevention measures, we will carry out an audit. It consists of ten questions on an organisational level. If this shows that you are taking sufficient action against Covid-19, then the process stops.
  • If not, a risk analysis must be carried out at the workstation level. If you cannot do this yourself, we will be happy to come to your site to guide you through this extensive analysis.

Contact tracing in the workplace

However, not every company needs to work so thoroughly to create safe working conditions. For environments where the chance of infection is rather small, it may suffice to use the contact tracing risk analysis. This makes it possible to identify the places and tasks in your company where high-risk contacts may occur and how you should deal with them.

It is important that you discuss this approach with the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work in advance and have it approved. Smaller organisations that do not have a Committee would do well to enter into a dialogue with their employees on this working method. You then appoint a confidential advisor who can notify recent contacts in the event of an infection.

Tracing app with respect for privacy

To make this contact tracing even more efficient, you can also use Savitas, an app that registers contact between employees anonymously by scanning a QR code.

There are areas in the workplace where it is inevitable that employees will come close to each other for a while. You can provide a specific QR code for these areas. Employees who come to that location voluntarily scan the code with their smartphone. All scans are completely anonymous, thus guaranteeing the privacy of all employees.

The contact tracing risk analysis also recommends where such a QR code is useful.