An employee tested positive for corona? Tell your company physician immediately

If an employee is infected with COVID-19, you don’t need to wait for contact tracing to inform your occupational physician. Notify the occupational physician immediately and help to prevent things getting worse.

Who should you notify if an employee is infected?

In the event of a positive corona test, the attending general practitioner passes on the employee's contact details to the government. Then a contact tracing officer will contact the employee to identify the low and high-risk contacts.

If the employee concerned was in the workplace in the days prior to the positive test, the contact tracing officer will inform your company’s occupational physician. The occupational physician then considers if or which measures need to be taken (working from home, testing high-risk contacts, etc.).

But of course there’s no need to wait. The moment you are informed of an infected employee, contact your occupational physician for advice on possible measures.

What should you do in the event of increased infection rates or cluster contamination within your organisation?

Are there multiple infections among your employees? Consult your occupational physician to take the necessary measures. Examples include compulsory teleworking, placing high-risk contacts in quarantine or organising tests.

For more information: Working safely and healthily in corona times.

Call to action: make sure you can be reached quickly

Our occupational physicians can also be notified at the weekend by the government’s contact tracing team of an infection in your organisation. In order to notify you as soon as possible, it is useful if they have your mobile number, especially for reports on weekends. Therefore, please add your (professional) mobile phone number in MyMensura or contact your file manager.