VIDEO - How to manage anxiety or worries about the corona crisis

The coronavirus and how it is reported in the media is causing many people stress, anxiety or sleepless nights. This short webinar by our partner Wellways explains how you can manage these feelings.

We are living in uncertain times. New measures in the fight against the corona pandemic are announced almost every day. People have lots of practical questions about the changing situation: about working from home, contact with the outside world and what is allowed, being technically unemployed, the risk of COVID-19 infection...

What’s more, there is plenty of fake news circulating: incorrect hints and tips about how to prevent coronavirus infection and even conspiracy theories about the origin of the pandemic.

Watch a short video (5 min.) about how to manage your feelings of anxiety:

How employers can help their employees

As an employer, you can use the principles that apply to any other crisis situation (to a certain extent): you can provide a sense of security and safety, clear information and practical help.

  • Safety: eliminate the threatening situation and restore the peace after the inevitable chaos. Allow the person affected to call their loved ones and create space for a coffee or a talk.
  • Information: create as much peace and quiet as possible in the chaos. Give information about measures you are taking as a company to ensure health and safety.
  • Practical help: there will be lots of questions in the immediate aftermath of an incident: how do I get home? Should I get back to work? These practical matters are a major source of stress. Give the person affected a helping hand and bring clarity to allay their worries.

In other words, correct and clear communication plays a key role. What’s more, employees also need support and connection, something not evident in times of isolation.

As an organisation, consider how employees can stay in touch with each other and how managers can follow up and support their employees. It is also important that colleagues know who to contact for practical questions, but also who they can turn to if they need a listening ear.

Answers to questions about the Coronavirus and how to deal with the situation