Sonar: chart the well-being in your organisation

Sonar investigates how your employees physically and mentally experience the performance of their job and interpersonal relationships. In other words: a simple and accessible psychosocial risk analysis.

This method allows employees to indicate to what extent they are satisfied with specific job aspects and how important these are to them. Furthermore, they can also suggest improvements themselves. Based on this, they receive a personal report with their results and specific tips with which they can get to work themselves.

As an employer, you gain insight into the psychosocial risks in your company. Important here: the more participants, the more accurate the results. So it pays to encourage participation among your employees. The result is a powerful action plan allowing you, as the employer, to make tremendous progress.

Why choose Sonar?

  • Integrated quantitative and qualitative psychosocial risk analysis
  • Complete overview of the psychosocial risks within your organisation
  • Specific action points to improve psychosocial well-being, with support from Mensura
  • Individual report for the employee
  • Accessible via PC or mobile device