Vitality Scan: what do employees expect in terms of vitality in the workplace?

A targeted and efficient approach to vitality takes into account the possible interests and expectations of employees when it comes to health promotion. This information can be gathered efficiently with the Vitality Scan, an online questionnaire tailored to your organisation. What’s more, employees are provided with insight into their own lifestyle and advice via e-mail.

Why choose the Vitality Scan from Mensura?

  • Insight into interests and expectations
    You will receive an overall view of the current lifestyle of employees, their interests and expectations in terms of supporting their health. The (anonymous) results will enable you to implement a targeted and efficient policy.
  • Exploratory
    As well as gauging support among your employees, it also allows you to map the aspects of vitality you should focus on.
The Vitality Scan and the findings of the occupational physician give us a better picture of the health risks our employees are facing, and allow us to deal with them in a targeted manner. And those efforts are greatly appreciated." Linda Brys HR advisor at the Port of Antwerp

How does the Vitality Scan work?

1. Initial consultation

The initial consultation is aimed at gauging the ongoing initiatives relating to health promotion within your organisation, and we will discuss how best to organise the Vitality Scan.

Your employees register for the online survey voluntarily. The more participants, the more accurate the overall analysis will be. Therefore, encouraging employees to take part in the Vitality Scan is certainly worthwhile.

We require at least 20 participants to evaluate the survey results and create an anonymous report tailored to your company.

2. Vitality Scan

The online and anonymous questionnaire asks your employees about 5 aspects of their current lifestyle:

  • exercise;
  • smoking;
  • substance use;
  • nutrition;
  • relaxation.

In addition, we ask about their interests and what actions they expect from their employer when it comes to health promotion. Each employee will receive an e-mail report with personal lifestyle advice based on the results of the survey.

3. Feedback

If at least 20 employees take part in the Vitality Scan, we can compile an anonymised group report for your organisation. Together, we will discuss specific recommendations for your health policy.