What do the changes to the SME portfolio mean to you?

Since 1 April 2016, the SME portfolio of subsidies has been simplified as government agency Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship aims to provide even better support to small and medium-sized enterprise in Flanders. The most recent changes are outlined below. 

The SME portfolio is a range of subsidies made available to SMEs by the Flemish Government in the form of financial support to entrepreneurs who want to advance their business through training and advisory services. It is by far the most used and relied on subsidy for SMEs in Flanders.

1. Financial support based on company size

Under the new system, the amount of the grant allocated depends on the size of the company. Small companies may receive up to 40% in subsidies with a total annual budget of EUR 10,000 each. Medium-sized businesses may receive up to 30% in subsidies with a total annual budget of EUR 15,000.

The company size is determined based on the European definition of small and medium-sized enterprises. When a company enters its business registration number during the online application process, the company’s details are automatically retrieved from the Enhanced Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. 

2. Training and/or advice: you choose

SMEs can now choose the type of training or advisory services they will be using the subsidy for. A single amount will be allocated when the application process is successful, and the SME can then spend the money on the type of advisory services of their choice, whether it be IT support, strategic advice, international ventures, etc.  

3. Straightforward online application process

No more paperwork. All applications and subsidy allocations are now completed online. The intuitive website makes for an easy and quick application process.

What we can do for you

Clients of Mensura EDPP can apply for financial assistance through the SME portfolio for any training course or workshop offered by Mensura. Just make sure to submit your application via www.SME-portfolio.be at the latest 14 calendar days after the start date of the course.

Partial reimbursements for advisory services provided by Mensura may also be available. For more info, contact us on 02 549 71 00 or at info.edpb@mensura.be