Health Check-up: identify the physical health of employees

The physical health of employees - as well as their expectations - is the starting point for a targeted vitality plan. A Health Check-up assesses the physical health of your employees and flags up possible health risks, providing insight into their physical health. This information can be used for tailored advice. This check-up is 100% confidential and in line with the corona guidelines.

Why choose Mensura’s Health Check-up?

  • Preventive
    The Health Check-up detects possible health risks and illnesses that may affect your employees and enables them to intervene (in time). Employees can then be referred to a doctor or specialist, if necessary.
  • Raising awareness
    Employees receive personalised health advice they can use to make changes and take decisions.
  • Insight
    To measure is to know: you will receive an overall, objective overview of your employees’ physical health. The (anonymous) results will enable you to implement a targeted and efficient policy.
  • Employer branding
    Your policy confirms you are a committed and engaged employer. This will not just attract new talent, but also motivate your existing employees.

I am convinced of the importance of this check-up all employees, including the younger ones. It's at their age that preventive advice is most fruitful.

Pierre Soblet Prevention Advisor at Allianz

How does the Health Check-up work?

1. Initial consultation

Together, we’ll discuss how to organise the Health Check-up in your company.

2. Registration

Your employees register for the survey voluntarily. The more participants, the more accurate the overall analysis will be. Therefore, encouraging employees to take part in the Health Check-up is certainly worthwhile. Mensura can help you.

We require at least 50 Health Check-ups to evaluate the survey results and create an anonymous report tailored to your company.

3. Appointment confirmation

Registered employees will receive an e-mail containing their appointment confirmation, practical information and a medical questionnaire. They should bring the completed questionnaire with them to their examination at one of the many Mensura Vitality Centres throughout the country.

4. Health Check-up

A physician and a nurse at Mensura will carry out the Health Check-up:

  • the medical questionnaire will be discussed with the employee;
  • biometrics: measuring height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and abdominal girth
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • eye test;
  • lung capacity measurement (spirometry);
  • blood and urine tests;
  • cardiovascular screening: electrocardiogram at rest and an exercise test (cycling test).

The physician will discuss the results that are immediately available (such as biometry, blood pressure and eye test) with the employee and offer health advice. If necessary, the doctor will refer him/her to the GP or a specialist. The employee will receive a personal report detailing all test results and recommendations no later than 4 weeks after the Health Check-up.

You can expand the Lifestyle Screening with an optional Multiscan measurement. The Multiscan is a high-tech measuring instrument that immediately converts the health condition of your employees into a detailed report and a Wellness Score.  The Multiscan can also be used for follow-up screenings.

The Multiscan measures:

  • Determination of body composition: fat mass, fat-free mass, muscle mass, total water content, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate
  • Assessment of microcirculation: microcirculation in the arms and legs, stiffness of blood vessels
  • Assessment of the condition of the heart: determination of vascular age, blood pressure evaluation, assessment of stress on the heart
  • Evaluation of stress and fatigue: evaluation of sympathetic and parasympathetic system, stress and fatigue
  • Evaluation of spinal column: risk assessment of spinal disorders
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the Wellness Score: picture of current health status, causes of certain health complaints, what actions are needed to improve health.

5. Feedback

If at least 50 employees take part in the Health Check-up, we can compile an anonymised group report for your organisation. Together, we will discuss specific recommendations for your health policy.

Thanks to Mensura's Health Check-up, one of our staff members was diagnosed with a serious illness at an early stage. The Health Check-up, despite the fact that he has to undergo a major operation, which his doctor says will be a very good outcome, has enabled us to diagnose this very serious disease at an early stage. I would therefore like to congratulate the Mensura team. We are talking about an individual for Group S, which has 750 employees, but if we extrapolate this to the entire population of Mensura clients, I suppose that a few lives were saved and you can be very proud of that.

GRoup S