Employees’ physical fitness after the New Year’s receptions

In their New Year’s resolutions many people often include eating healthier, getting more exercise and devoting more time to relaxation. As an employer, you can make an important contribution to help your employees adopt a healthier lifestyle. In fact, it’s in your interest, because those with healthy lifestyles feel more vital and are less likely to be absent due to illness. We have compiled a list with a few tips and training courses.

Resolution 1: exercise more

Motivate employees to lead a more active life

One in three Belgians don’t get enough exercise But how much (or little) do your employees actually exercise? How much exercise do they need to stay healthy? And what exactly does 'sufficient exercise' mean? A better understanding is the first step towards moving more.

As an employer, you can help your employees by first increasing their awareness on the subject, and then motivating them. For example, get the year off to a great start with a collective exercise challenge and organise regular physical activities. Opt for low-threshold initiatives and communicate them as widely as possible. As a result, you will also reach employees who are not as sporty.

Looking for practical guidance to get employees to exercise more?

Our experts can support you in developing a successful exercise policy. In addition, the 'Get healthy by moving more' workshop focuses on the importance of sufficient exercise, and we draw up a personal exercise plan with each employee. In association with several external partners, we offer fun exercise challenges tailored to each organisation.

Resolution 2: devote more time to relaxation

Urge employees to focus on relaxation in a timely manner

Sufficient exercise is important. But sometimes we also need to pause for a moment. However, this is often easier said than done in our hectic lives. As many as 64% of Belgian employees say they find it difficult to disconnect from work. At the same time, we are seeing a burnout pandemic.

Encourage employees to take well-timed breaks by, for example, getting some fresh air or catching up with colleagues. Applying a targeted disconnection policy, will also help them maintain a good work-life balance. 

Teach employees how to optimally relax

A 'mindfulness' or ‘desk yoga' workshop teaches employees how to optimally relax and arms them against the effects of stress in the workplace.

Resolution 3: adopt a healthier approach to food and drink

Establish and communicate a specific alcohol and drugs policy

The end of year festivities serve as proof that alcohol is the most accepted drug. The occasional glass doesn’t do much harm, but problematic alcohol consumption involves serious risks for both the user and those in his or her environment.

Make employees aware of the dangers with a specific alcohol and drugs policy, and offer professional counselling to employees with an alcohol or drug problem. Moreover, set a good example by holding receptions or corporate events mainly or exclusively alcohol-free. This encourages employees to be more aware of their alcohol consumption.

Appropriately supporting employees with an alcohol or drug problem

The tailor-made 'Alcohol and drugs' training course helps you recognise alcohol and drug abuse and provide appropriate support for staff with an alcohol or drug problem.

Promote healthy eating habits

One in two Belgians is overweight. Besides a lack of exercise, this is mainly due to an unhealthy diet. What makes a healthy meal? What is a healthy portion? What does the information on the labels mean? And how healthy/unhealthy is your employees’ diet? Knowledge and understanding are the first steps to healthier eating habits.

Teach employees the importance of a healthy diet

The ‘Healthy food’ workshop teaches employees the importance of a healthy diet. In addition, our cooking workshops offer fun inspiration to start focusing on balanced nutrition. We can fully tailor both workshops to suit your organisation’s needs.

You could also:

  • Offer healthy snacks and drinks,
  • Serve vegetarian meals in the company restaurant,
  • Supply free water, for example, with a water cooler or drinking water fountain.

Boost employee health all year round

Want to structurally promote a healthy lifestyle for employees? With a well-being policy you can help them develop healthy and balanced lifestyles throughout the year. Our experts will be happy to advise you on designing and elaborating a suitable policy. Fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch soon.

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