Starting up as an employer: company visit by Mensura

As an employer, you are obliged to have a Mensura prevention expert carry out company visits. During such a visit, we check that your organisation is indeed in compliance with the well-being legislation and whether all legal documents are available. If necessary, we help you develop a safety policy and sort out any missing documents.

What do we check?

Among other things, we investigate compliance with the legal requirements regarding:

  • occupational safety (e.g. personal and collective protective equipment);
  • ergonomics (e.g. lifting heavy loads);
  • psychosocial hazards (e.g. anti-stress policy);
  • industrial hygiene (e.g. noise stress);
  • organisational measures (e.g. working with third parties, working with temporary employees, industrial accident procedure);
  • hygiene (e.g. toilets, eating areas, etc.).

How do we proceed?

Following the site visit, the prevention expert will prepare a report. It will be based on a three-step methodology:

  1. Risk identification: what are the risks?
  2. Risk assessment: how serious are the identified risks?
  3. Control measures: how can you reduce the biggest risks to an acceptable level?

Practical Info

The frequency of the company visits will depend on your NACE code and your organisation’s rate group. Our secretariat will inform you of the date of the visit. If the proposed time doesn’t suit you, get in touch as soon as possible with your dedicated contact.