Starting up as an employer: your first steps

As a new employer, you can make sure a number of things are in order yourself before Mensura pays you its first visit. Use our handy to-do list for that purpose.

1. Put together your first aid kit

This checklist (Dutch / French *) can help you put together your mandatory first aid kit.

Tip: Have your pharmacy put together your First Aid kit and get it refilled there annually.

2. Print the first aid register

The compulsory first aid register (Dutch / French *) provides an excellent overview to monitor incidents. Perfect, therefore, to use as input for prevention programmes. This data also comes in handy for insurance claims – when an accident turns out to be more serious than expected, for example. At the same time, you gather input data for your annual report.

3. Consider the regulations on psychosocial risks

Your work regulations must be up-to-date with the most recent regulations on psychosocial risks at work. Use our sample note for that purpose. This makes sure your work regulations are immediately updated and your employees know the procedures they can use.

4. Check our information sheets

Need visual material? Looking for a step-by-step plan or more info for your employees? Don’t hesitate to check out our range of infographics and (digital) posters. Feel free to download and/or print the documents** to later disseminate them in your organisation.

5. Last but not least: register on MyMensura

You can view and manage your dossier 24/7 over the free MyMensura online platform. All our reports and feedback are available there. You will receive your login number as soon as we receive your signed agreement. With this number, registering * here is a piece of cake.

*These documents/links are only available in Dutch and French.
**For more free downloads and tips, consult our range of Dutch and French information sheets.