What our clients say

Want to find out how Mensura tackles the day-to-day challenges of incident prevention and the protection of workers? Check out our client testimonials below!

Gauging mental well-being: here is how Westtoer, a tourism organisation, does it


Passion for your job and lots of autonomy: a wonderful combination, but there's a catch."

How social service provider IN-Z makes absenteeism a topic of conversation


Absenteeism can only be reduced when you can talk about it."

Alcon involves staff in development of new production line


The tests undeniably provided added value in the development of our production line." Nathalie Michiels Project lead at Alcon

Basic-Fit sets a good example within its own company


High-level technology enabled us to examine the ergonomic risks in Basic-Fit-clubs. We were then able to put in place concrete measures."

How Nestlé takes a broad approach to mental well-being with the Employee Assistance Program


Clear communication is vital. The taboo on mental well-being can only be lifted if you, as an employer, talk about it frequently."

Fighting stress at transport company Trafuco


The initial results show how valuable Mensura can be for our drivers and our organisation."

More efficient and healthier working conditions at De Kringwinkel Antwerpen

De Kringwinkel

Realising that your employer cares about your health and safety is a very nice feeling"

Boosting vitality and healthy teleworking from a distance? Mission accomplished at Würth


The workshops needed to be relevant for all 360 employees. A real challenge achieved brilliantly by Mensura."

Carefree corona vaccination for Covida employees


Everything went a lot faster than planned thanks to the calm professionalism of the Mensura people"

TUI and Mensura ensure physically and mentally healthy employees


Since they underwent their ‘First Aid Mental Health’ training, executives pick up signals of mental health problems more quickly and refer employees more efficiently. The training was a real eye-opener."

Carglass and Mensura develop ergonomic profiles for workstations


Mensura delivers concrete solutions with immediate results for our workers. We much prefer this over reports filled with graphs and numbers."

Allianz keeps control of its vitality with the Health Check-up from Mensura


I have no doubts about the importance of offering this check-up to every one of our employees, including the youngest ones. It is at their age that prevention advice can be most effective."

Healthy employees, less absenteeism: the goal shared by Wilms and Mensura


Our prevention policy created a knockon effect: more and more employees come up with their own proposals."

Lantmännen Unibake and Mensura enhance health and safety mindset

Lantmännen Unibake

Our philosophy: there is always room for improvement where safety is concerned. Are the working conditions at our site entirely safe? What can be improved? What are the risks and the most relevant solutions in terms of health and safety? The advice from Mensura’s health and safety experts is invaluable."

Mensura lays the foundation for safe and healthy work practices


Mensura combines a flexible mindset with well-planned medical exams and an expert response to our needs."

L'Oréal Libramont safeguards health of workers with help from Mensura


The great relationship between management, the occupational health physician and union representatives is a major plus."

BAM Contractors and Mensura: working on safety and well-being in construction

BAM Contractors

For years, Mensura has been an objective partner and sounding board for our plans and ideas, allowing us to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of incident prevention and worker safety.”"

Mensura provides ergonomic solution for airport restaurant


Given the positive feedback from our employees, we have decided to conduct an ergonomic assessment for every new establishment to be opened."

Brussels South police department not leaving anything to chance

Brussels South police department

Since 2011, all risks and hazards have been mapped for the entire workforce, and everything feels more under control."